KP goes nuts in Adelaide


kp-goes-nutsIf anyone needed some ammunition to fire at the England cricket team after this weekend’s near total domination of Australia they need look no further than the man who scored the most runs. A confident and in-form Kevin Pietersen is the man that you love to hate as an opponent and he sure showed why here. After scoring a test-best 227 runs during England’s first innings, he also took a decisive wicket in the final over of the day to leave the hosts reeling on 238 for 4.

The fact that people will point to is that Pietersen was actually born in South Africa and his extremely strong accent will tip to this fact better than most things. The English don’t care though, and as long as the rules are being followed, what’s the problem? They do actually want to win some cricket matches and let’s face it, purely English players aren’t going to give us what we need, all the time.

The final day, if you manage to drink enough cups of coffee, is likely to be an explosive affair, with Australia still trailing the visitors by 137 runs. Whether KP will go nuts and celebrate with some new diamond earrings is unclear, you’re almost sure to hear about it all over Twitter though.