32Red hopes iPhone App is a winner this Christmas


32red-iphone-appIt would be fairly appropriate if a company named 32Red were championing the Christmas season. The latest to come from the online casino, poker, and bingo company shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

Last month they became the first company to launch a blackjack App for the iPhone that allowed you to play for real money, therefore anyone that owns an iPhone and fancies a gamble is at their mercy – in the App world at least. As it nears Christmas like most other firms, they are attempting to tap into a market that is worth billions to operators.

After a surge in business last festive season, 32Red are hoping for a similar success this time round as Ed Ware, chief executive, explained: “We’ve seen a surge in mobile activity generally and during last year’s holiday period this peaked on Christmas Day.

“We actually wondered if there would be a drop in the number of players while people tucked into their turkeys and gathered round the TV for the family gathering but the opposite happened. We can only think people are getting fed up with watching TV reruns and choose to play our mobile casino instead. I guess the chance of winning a hand of blackjack, or even our Mega Moolah mobile slot with its £1million jackpot is more appealing than seeing Del Boy again!”

If this year doesn’t prove so successful, it might be worth changing their name to Robin Red Breast Gaming – doesn’t quite have the same ring to it though.