GTECH G2 signs PKR up to mini-games


pkr-gtech-g2If you’re looking for a poker firm that has had some year then it’s hard to see any further than the British based PKR. Not only did they win awards, they were also top of the Sunday Times Tech Track 100, but finished this all off by setting up shop in France. One company we’ve been wondering about though has been GTECH G2. After making the mistake of following them on Twitter, we were inundated with all manner of different announcements.

Worryingly these stopped for some time. Our guesses are that they organised another of their Sherlock Holmes parties and actually mistook themselves for the great man himself. After finally listening to one of the legions of people that told them this wasn’t the case, GTECH G2 have got back on the social network trail and extended their list to include PKR.

The online poker site will now offer the virtual version of you the chance to play GTECH G2’s virtual suite of mini-games. Games include everything from Triple Chance Hi-Lo, Aces High, and Casino Dice to a number of slots and keno games.

Malcolm Graham, CEO at PKR, commented: “We’ve found that many poker players enjoy side games as a great way to pass the time when they’re between hands or waiting for a tournament table to fill up. We’re sure that providing top quality instant play, instant win and mini games will increase our customers’ playing time and increase player value.”