Card room fights to keep fights off YouTube, animated poker series debuts

TAGs: card club, Lucky Chances Casino, The Micros, Youtube

card-club-fights-youtubeThe Lucky Chances Casino in Colma, California has filed a lawsuit to prevent videos of fights that took place at the gaming establishment from being posted on YouTube. Claiming that the videos paint their business as a ‘disorderly and unsafe’ place, the casino owners want all traces of the videos scrubbed from the internet. This is, of course, a plan absolutely guaranteed to work, as Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and every other celebrity who tried to ‘undo’ the internet eventually discovered. Of course, this whole brouhaha could be the result of the casino possibly having drastically scaled back its marketing budget, and is hoping media mentions like this will make up the difference.

A video that people actually do want you to watch is the pilot webisode of The Micros, an animated take on the world of online poker from Jay Rosenkrantz and John “JimmyLegs” Wray. Enjoy…


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