SASS Official After Party Review


SASS_After_PartyAhh, Sveeden. You’ve got to love a country whose population goes out hard on a Wednesday night even when it’s -17 degrees and dropping outside.

The Scandinavian Affiliate Super Summit After Party took place tonight at White Room, a nightclub in Stockholm that’s known for it’s young clientele and its late night hours, and tonight was complete proof that the reputation is 100% true.

SASS delegates were granted free entry into the club from 11:30 until midnight but after that, you were on your own baby. Inside the club, drinks were the responsibility of the patrons, but we do commend the SASS organizers for creating a meeting place for those who want to get drunk with big Scandy affiliates and hit on young Sveedish women while they’re at it.

The atmosphere inside White Room was, well, rather young, but the music was great, and if you are a fan of beautiful women (and men- literally they are pretty) and a tight space with a large crowd, than this was certainly the place for you!

Checkout the Party Pictures, and DAF award from this SASS 2010 After Party.