Reporter Contest finalists to be announced December 6


rebecca-liggero-montel-williamsThe last entries are in for the contest that could actually flip your life round 360 degrees whilst feeding you copious amounts of fun and alcohol should you win it. Unfortunately if you haven’t already entered it’s like that time you turned up late for the flight to Spring Break in Cancun – you’re late for the biggest party around and there’s no chance for a rebuke. For now you will just have to watch on as the final three contestants take their places.

Three hopefuls have thrown their hats raucous bullring that is the Reporter Contest, and with one entry already receiving an unprecedented number of votes already, the last few days of voting are sure to be just as eventful, if not more, than the weeks that have preceded it.

It’s girl power this week as three more persons of the female variety have entered the contest that promises to send you around the world to all the iGaming party locations and even pay you for the privilege.

At 32, LA’s JJ Snyder is the eldest entrant that the contest has so far thrown up. Although, age brings with it considerable experience which Snyder has in bucket loads. In the past she has enjoyed a career that has involved plenty of showbiz reporting, intertwined with stints on the FOX News Channel as well as working for the NFL Network on programming such as Total Access. If you add this to a past that has also included conference coverage and her bubbly personality then there’s no reason she can’t be right up there.

Kerryn or “Kezz” Cooper is young at the age of 22, but with 84 votes already cast for the Vancouver native she’ll be there in the shake-up come the end of the contest. Any fans of the film Napoleon Dynamite will be fans of her video (if you don’t know what we mean, have a look. She won’t bite!), and the fact that she’s a part of the Redhead nation shouldn’t put you off voting for Canada’s latest entrant to the competition.

Today’s last entry is, so to speak, the right side of 30 and comes out of the Steel City, Pittsburgh, Kelly Kapron. Having done most of her work in the Colorado town of Vail, she’s used to changing conditions you will have to cope with on the road with the team. Working on a popular wine and spirit festival won’t have done her any harm either.

As far as those already in the contest, it looks like working for the tablog team in the past is the way to go – if the latest set of standings is anything to go by. Being the only Brit on the list has done Lucy Anne Brooks’ hopes no harm at all. She has built up quite the lead with 213 votes, previous leader Stephanie Gergeres shunted into second place on 133 votes. Third goes to another face you’ll have recognised, Dana Workman, with 100 votes.

The three finalists will be announced on December 6, so keep voting for your favourites and early next year you might become even more familiar with their face on the tablog.

When you’ve voted go out and have some alcohol related fun, or as we would categorise it – GAMBLIN’ DRINKIN’ & CARRYIN’ ON.