iCall: Carbon Poker introduces Mac client on Wednesday

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carbon-poker-mac-clientIt would be hard to convince a Millennial of this fact nowadays, but there was a point in the mid-1990s when it seemed computer manufacturer Apple was more worm than apple. Their market share was in the low single-digits and continuing to fall. They’d had a parade of chief execs come and go with no discernible effect on the company’s performance. Then, after a long stint in Apple exile, Steve Jobs returned with his ‘insanely great’ ideas, and things have been, well, insanely great ever since.

Spurred by a new generation of users brought into the fold via their familiarity with the iPod/iPhone/iPad, Apple’s shipments of Mac computers has grown 25.3% year after year. And while Apple once had tremendous difficulties overcoming the death-grip held by the PC/Microsoft combo on corporate computer sales, they are now making serious headway. According to market researchers IDC, while the average growth in sales to ‘very large businesses’ is around 26%, Apple’s growth is 201.7%. Their overall market share in the US is now over the 10% mark, and while that’s still small by comparison to the Windoze machines, it’s big enough that it can simply no longer dismissed.

So it should hardly come as a surprise that more poker rooms are getting on board with dedicated Mac software. The latest is Carbon Poker, which will offer its players a fully downloadable Mac client on Wednesday, Dec. 1, starting at 7pm EST. The client will also be downloadable from other skins on the Merge Gaming Network. Carbon’s Head of Acquisition, Atil Singh, told PokerNewsDaily that beta-testing had ‘gone very well’ and that the software had subsequently been tweaked to improve ‘performance on smaller computers and netbooks.’ And so, for all those Mac-owning poker-playing people out there, this truly could be the best Christmas ever.


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