Australia moves ever further to prevent problem gambling

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australia-problem-gamblingAustralia’s controversial plans to filter the Internet are unanimously disliked by the country’s citizens, down to the fact that they can’t watch porn or gamble. Plans by the Labor government include a digital firewall, which will effectively cut the country’s Internet off from foreign or offensive content. The firewall plans aren’t enough though.

Gamblers down under will soon have to contend with even harsher controls on all kinds of gambling. Families Minister Jenny Macklin told reporters, at the National Association for Gambling Studies conference at Jupiters Hotel and Casino, that gambling reform is still rolling on despite the changes in certain states.

Macklin pointed to the example of Victoria, and stated: “I’m very pleased to see some of the remarks made by Mr Ted Baillieu before the election about the importance of dealing with problem gambling and I look forward to working with the new Victorian government to implement these reforms.”

The minister did, however, realize that problems could arise as everything is done on a state-by-state basis, but identified a solution.

“It’s very important that we recognise that in Australia gambling regulation is done by the states and territories so my objective is certainly to do everything I can to get an agreement … if that’s not possible we have indicated that the Commonwealth will seek to legislate,” she said.

So, as of next week we should hear of plans for huge walls to be erected outside all gambling venues to prevent people gambling their monies away. This will be shortly before walls are put up outside anywhere fun, and PM Julie Gillard explains to citizens that they can never leave (cue evil laugh).


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