Medvedev bans casinos in one region

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russia-ban-casino-zoneFormer Russian President Vladimir Putin is one of the few world leaders that can point to being in the same social setting as Calvin Ayre and Silvio Berlusconi at one moment in time. Some off the hook gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ on was to be had that night, but it doesn’t mean that Putin is a massive fan of it all. Now it looks as though the “no fun police” have arrived in full force on Russian soil if the latest is to be believed.

Laws in the federation were already strict enough after a bill signed in October 2006 saw all casino and gambling shut down across the country. Four designated “casino zones” were established and the government was forbidden from making any changes to these zones. When you have so much power, it’s so easy to use it though.

That’s why when President Dmitry Medvedev wanted to channel casino revenues into one part of Russia from another he just changed the law. The 10-year clause was removed and now casinos have been banned in the Rostov region, in the hope that it will boost casinos by the Black Sea, an area favoured by tourists.

Medvedev is also looking to tackle illegal gambling, including online sites, with a penalties that are a lot firmer than those currently in place, imprisonment even being talked about.


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