Miami Heat medicority costing local bars bigtime

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Many thought the Miami Heat with Lebron James, D-Wade and Chris Bosh would be a dominant force in the Eastern Conference. 17 games into the regular season, they’ve turned out to be nothing more than a “dominant farce” in the East.

The Heat at just 9-8 are barely above .500 and don’t strike the fear into the hearts of any teams. Even their fans need motivation to get excited for the games. The Heat PR people ended up inventing the disgraceful FAN UP initiative, which was basically a cheer leading routine for people to show up early the Heat home games and to stay until the game was over. As tragic as that sounds, it actually gets worse.

The Whiskey Tango, a local Miami bar, decided before the season began that it would serve customers for free whenever the Heat lost up to $25 per customer. Like many others, they had expected the Heat lose very few games. Let’s just say things haven’t gone according to plan. They would have been better off betting on the Heat, at least the could have bet them to cover the spread. The price tag for the Whiskey Tango for the Heat’s 8 losses on the season is already at $30,000 according to CNBC’s Darren Rovell.

You can imagine how packed that place must get when the Heat are playing a legit team. Now they’re expected to lose to good teams, the Christmas Day Miami Heat vs LA Lakers showdown might break the bank for the Whiskey Tango. For the record, linking your fortunes to the Miami Heat or any sports team for that matter that has yet to prove themselves is like trying to stick your finger into an electrical outlet, it’s not smart, it doesn’t work, and if you do it, you’re likely to be shocked and hurt as a result.

The Whiskey Tango can expect those losses to keep mounting as the Heat will always struggle against teams with a strong post presence. Nevermind fans not showing up on time,  people might be cheering for the Heat to start losing more, heck I would if it meant more drinking and carrying on for myself and the boys.


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