Bookies take an absolute hammering

TAGs: Betfred, Premier League, Soccer

bookies-take-hitIt’s not every weekend that fans can be safe in the knowledge that the bookies took an absolute hammering; this past three days is an exception to that rule though. You might bet on soccer every Saturday afternoon and think your opinion will be the right one. Everyone likes to put an accumulator on and wait as the results come through. There’s always that one result that puts in the spanner in the works and denies you some ridiculous sum like £843.79, and the bookies remain sat smug in the corner.

When some bookies offer certain games to the customer it’s where they can really be hit, highlighted this weekend. Betfred’s “Goals Galore” was their undoing this weekend because of no amount of goals that were put into the net by teams in the top flight. Further to this, it was the first time every team failed to keep a clean-sheet since the inauguration of the league back in 1992.

“I’ve been bashed up on Goals Galore this weekend and paid out over a million pounds. It’s been an absolute shocker but in this game you take it on the chin and my mid week coupon is already available. I just hope we have some better defending or I’ll be skint with all these goals going in,” said Betfred boss Fred Done.

Therefore, an exciting Premier League will eventually mean none of the bookies are left if Fred’s to be believed!


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