Winamax advises on how to succeed in France

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how-to-succeed-in-franceFrench online gambling is one of the markets in which iGaming companies are increasingly having problems figuring out to succeed. It’s been hard for groups to the extent that a number have even pulled before they’ve even started to operate – it’s as if they heard there was the chance of catching a contagious disease, and just upped and left.

This has left many to wonder how best to succeed in this very hard to predict market. Step forward eGgaming Review, and in particular Canel Frichet, managing director of Winamax. The French company is better placed than most to discuss the new regulations, and as such the popular website published an article by Frichet on How to Succeed in France.

A link to the article can be found here, and it’s not all about baking your baguettes for the right amount of time. It’s a more than that entirely.


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