EGR Awards After Party Review

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EGR_AwardsThe 2010 EGR Awards and After Party 2010 has officially come to an end…well, at least for those who decided to call it a night before the next train leaves central London at 5:30am. The official awards After Party was pretty much an extension of the awards ceremony themselves with an open and crowded bar until 12:30pm and a half a dozen poker tables for those who wanted to brush up on their poker skills in the meantime.

Predictably, when the Artillery Gardens bar closed at 12:30am, the majority of the EGR Awards crew went in search for a new location, and private member’s Eight Club at Bank proved to be the destination of choice. Eight was a perfect venue for our leathered igaming crew, providing patrons with pool tables, bottles of expensive wine and champagne, and plenty of seats for our sore feet.

For those who wanted to extend their nights even further, once Eight closed down and kicked people out, the last men (and woman) standing headed to strip bars because to be fair, nothing else is open at 3:30am on a Wednesday! An absolute highlight of the night consisted of our cab driver’s comment, “If you want to get warmed up by a ‘tittie bar’, I will take you to a ‘happy ending bar’ after”. Ya. I’ll take one of those!

Checkout the Picture Gallery & the Daf award from the after party of 2010 EGR awards.


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