Honey, I Gambled the kids

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Bye daddy!

It’s happened to many of us, you take a gamble and it costs you big. Typically, you learn from that mistake are a little more cautious, that is unless you have a lot of money to burn or as in the case of Pakistan, daughters to sell.

It’s one thing to lose your bank roll, your watch, some livestock and even your house to gambling debts, but it’s a whole new level of stupidity and ignorance to lose your daughters. In one of the more ridiculous stories you will ever hear, a Pakistan man, Dhani Bakhsh, gambled away 5 of his small daughters. He even sold two of them to be married to his gambling buddies once they hit puberty. The oldest of the daughters was just 10 years old. Now this extends further than the man being tired of not having a boy to play cricket with, and what kind of dude would even accept another man’s daughter? What’s going on in Pakistan? The thing is, this isn’t the first time this has happened, it’s damn near a regular occurrence.

I wonder, in Pakistan, parents don’t threaten their kids with timeouts or being grounded, oh no, “if that homework isn’t done, Daddy’s going to the blackjack table and putting you on black.” Imagine that? If the wife starts acting up, take her out to the casino, get on a losing streak, and away she goes. Heck, you might even get on a hot streak and win a hotter wife than the one you had before…Wow. C’mon Pakistan, you’re better than this.


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