Brad Childress finally fired

The greatest gift Brett Favre ever did for the Minnesota Vikings was stinking it up so that Brad Childress gets fired.

Just last year Childress came within a field goal of reaching the Super Bowl. Childress had tied his fortunes to Brett Favre and last year and Favre’s stellar season got him a contract extension. This year, the Vikings stink, Favre stinks and all of the hate from the players about Chilly has finally hit the fan, with Childress finally given the axe after a drubbing by the Green Bay Packers.

There’s no question, Childress had lost control and respect of his team. That may have happened ages ago. The Randy Moss fiasco was a mess. And now, after a 3-7 start, culminating with a 31-3 woodshed beating by their division rival Packers, finally Childress has been fired. The team has named Defensive Coordinator Leslie Frazier the Interim Head Coach.

With Childress gone, Leslie Frazier has inherited a lost team. Favre likely won’t be there next year, though that’s never a done deal with him, but isn’t it time Tavares Jackson got a taste of real action? Frazier doesn’t have the allegiance to Favre that Childress had, and at this point, it’s hard to argue that Jackson couldn’t do a better job than Favre who leads the league in interceptions.

Could we finally see Favre’s consecutive start streak ended at the hands of a interim head coach? Does Frazier have the balls to do it? I’m going to go out on a limb and say hell no.

People always say that teams don’t fire coaches in the middle of the season, but we have seen there is value in such odds, as both Wade Phillips and Brad Childress both got the axe this season.