Gibraltar’s online gambling industry again the target of Spanish mayor

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gibraltarOnly a couple of months back we saw how the mayor of an insignificant city in southern Spain was causing quite the stir. Fair enough, Alejandro Sanchez needs voters to back his campaign to be re-elected mayor of La Linea but I’m not sure that the unemployed masses – at around 1 in 6 at the last check – need to hear him continually hitting out at Gibraltar’s online gambling industry.

The only conclusion we can draw from this is that he genuinely has nothing left to bargain with. Little surprise then…he’s having another go at the online gambling industry.

An article in the Gibraltar Chronicle over the weekend identified that many of the 37 online gambling firms operating in Spain are run offshore in territories such as Malta and Gibraltar. Sanchez still expects profits from the Gibraltar-based companies though. In reference to the expansion after the signing of the Cordoba agreement, Sanchez said: “the technology which allows this business to prosper is concentrated and distributed through La Linea territory.”

One thing that is startling is no one has yet gagged La Linea’s Generalissimo with a rather large churro. Gambling on the Rock = jobs for the locals of La Linea.

If the companies pull out of Gibraltar because of you, well, lets just say emigration to the Rock might not be the worst idea – that’s if they’ll have you.


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