Dolphins season in the hands of 3rd string Thigpen

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The Miami Dolphins entire season now seemingly rests in the hands of the back-up to the back-up quarterback, Tyler Thigpen.
Last week the Dolphins benched Henne and started Pennington, but by the fourth quarter, both Chad’s were on the sideline and the Thigpen was in the game, and the Dolphins were winning.

Pennington is done for the season, maybe forever, Henne, well he’s still hurt short week doesn’t help, but even when he’s been healthy he’s been ineffective, there’s every reason for Tyler Thigpen to believe this is his job to win. If Thigpen plays well against the Bears, there should be no reason why Sporano won’t ride this kid until the wheels fall off.

The Dolphins are desperate for a win, they’re in arguably the best division in football and the Patriots and Jets aren’t slowing down. It’s either win, or get left behind for the Dolphins. The situation couldn’t have been worse for Coach Sporano whether he’ll admit it or not. It’s a short week of preparation for the Thursday Night Game and you have a third string QB running the show, definitely not the ideal situation in a must win game.

But like I said before, perhaps this is Thigpen’s time to shine. The Dolphins are going to come out jacked for this game and Thigpen has shown signs of potential in the young QB. He certainly will have his hands full with that Bears defensive which will be looking to take advantage of his inexperience. Keeping the turnovers to a minimum will be the key to this one.

Thursday Night Football, it’s the second best night in the five day week, nothing quite beats Monday Night Football, but bettors don’t discriminate, neither should sportsbooks. Get your Miami vs Bears offerings up. How many Ints will Thigpen throw? How many TD’s will Thigpen throw? Who will score first? What team scores the first touchdown? First fumble? It’s the holiday season, the more the merrier!


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