Carmelo Anthony takes shot at Bosh

I wouldn’t call it a cheap shot, but it was a fairly decent jab Carmelo Anthony took at Chris Bosh. When asked about his future in Denver, Anthony remarked ” I’m not Chris Bosh. We’re not the same person. What I do will be straight up. Management knows that.” Anthony’s comments eluded to how Bosh ducked Raptors management by declaring his intentions via his Twitter account.

Granted Bosh did duck out of Toronto to be the third wheel in Miami, but Carmelo and Bosh aren’t all that different in many other aspects. Let’s face it, there’s a slim chance that Anthony resigns with the Nuggets moving forward. He’s likely to move on to a bigger market and a team with another true superstar in hopes of winning a ring. Kind of like what Chris Bosh did. Sure, Anthony may do it straight up, but there’s no loyalty lesson here. And if Nuggets management is entertaining notions that Anthony will stay they are as disillusioned as the Raptors were that Bosh would actually stay.

Steven A. Smith called that Bosh was going leave well before it actually happened. The same is true with Anthony. Sportsbooks aren’t a disillusioned bunch, odds should be going up on which teams Anthony will end up with. New Jersey and New York have been rumored to be front runners. But teams like Chicago could also be in the mix. There’s no doubt teams would be willing to give up significant assets to land Anthony for the long term.