PokerStars advert banned in Germany

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pokerstars-squareGermany is expected to become one of the next country’s to regulate online gambling and sponsorship of sport by gambling companies. PokerStars may well have thrown a bratwurst in the works with their latest advertising campaign though.

Over here at we can take seeing a lot of things and have had to stomach a fair amount but remember PokerStars – everyone in the world doesn’t work for

Their advertisement, banned by the German authorities, is a barbaric depiction of a game of poker at a waterside location. Set against the backdrop of some dour music and an Englishman uttering several phrases it features one man’s drink being spiked, and another being set fire to. That’s just by the female player!

Later on in the advert, an Asian player uses a ninja star and stabs an opponent in the neck. This is before one person is impaled on the stem of a wine glass, another is shot, and the coup de grace is a helicopter turret attack which kills anyone who’s left.

The message given by PokerStars is that online poker is a whole lot safer than playing offline. I’ve never played a game of poker near some water but if that’s what happens then I’ll be sticking to online poker for many years to come.

You can see the video here


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