Nova’s JayVaughn Pinkston fights the frat that feeds him girls

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Generally speaking, you don’t bite that hand that feeds you, on college campuses, that could mean you don’t fight the frat that feeds you beers, a place to party and a pool of girls. Someone on the Villanova WildCats forgot to tell the rookie.

JayVaughn Pinkston, the highly touted Villanova forward will find himself on the sidelines as the College Basketball season gets started this week. Pinkston will await the outcome of an investigation by the school after Pinkston allegedly punched a frat boy. According to the story, Pinkston was taking it hard to the hoop with some hottie in a laundry room during a frat party when he was locked in the room.

Pinkston didn’t take lightly to being locked in the room but the frat boys didn’t take lightly to Pinkston taking one of their girls. It could only end one way, athlete vs frat boy = frat boy getting punched out and athlete getting suspended from games.

Those damn frat boys, if you don’t want your girls to get with the athletes then don’t let the athletes into the party. These guys crack me up. First of all, most of them are just basically paying for friends to be a part of the frat, and just because they wear a couple greek letters across their chest they think another girl with a similar arrangement is their life partner. It’s college dude. Go find another chick, or go play some online poker, and let the jock take a round out of your girl, he’s going to do it anyway at least you won’t get punched out trying to be tough.

Just how much does Pinkston’s absence hurt the Wildcats?


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