Mayweather fights everyone and anyone except PacMan

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Floyd Mayweather is now known as the boxer who is scared to fight Manny Pacquiao. He’s not just scared, he’s ducking the PacMan at every turn but fighting everyone else.

Meanwhile, PacMan is wasting his time fighting guys who can’t keep up with him, and he damn near killed Margarito in the ring. If you caught a glimpse of Margarito’s face afterward, it looked like he’d been hit by, well, cement gloves. Several reports say that Pacman busted his face, literally, as in, broke his orbital bone. Karma sure is a bitch aint it?

But until Mayweather steps in the ring, boxing fans just gave to sit there and not be entertained, or turn to MMA.

The weird thing about it is Mayweather is ready and willing to fight anyone but PacMan. That goes from girlfriends, baby’s mommas, random cats on the street, kids, and his latest personal favorite, a security guard. A Vegas security guard recently charged Mayweather with battery after Mayweather allegedly poked him in the face just because he asked him to move his car.

Mayweather is already expected in a Las Vegas Justice Court in January on unrelated felony coercion, grand larceny and robbery charges stemming from a Sept. 9 dispute with his baby’s momma. Prosecutors said he also threatened his sons. Pick on someone in your own weight class, Money! Like the PacMan!


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