First poker, now their booze, tough luck in Wash. St.

TAGs: Four Loko, Washington State Gambling ban

First they lost their poker, now their losing their booze, the young adults of Washington State can’t seem to catch a break. No more gamblin, and no more drinkin, at least not the drink of their choice, they can kiss their crack cocaine in a can goodbye.

A short while ago reported on a Washington State alcoholic beverage known as Four Loko, made by Phusion that was knocking college kids on their asses and sometimes out completely like GHB cocktail. Well, that’s all about to change as the “Yes we ban” state has officially banned the product from their shelves. The state has in fact banned all energy alcoholic beverages contending that the stimulants in the drinks prevent the individual from know how pissed drunk they really are.

Under normal circumstances, a drink that can mask how drunk you are, that would be a plus, at least it would be for an industry professional. But we’re professionals. For a college student who, likely, is getting lit up like a Christmas tree for their third time ever, it’s probably not a good idea to be drinking something they call ‘blackout in a can’. That said, as a college student who doesn’t have much money and is just looking to have an awesome time on the weekend and get drunk and make some really bad decisions, this drink an elixir from the gods.

It’s no surprise then that before the ban goes into place Nov. 18, college students in Washington State are stacking up on loads and loads of this Phusion drink to get them through the winter. Can’t blame them, as college kids without the ability to gamble online during downtime, what else is there to do but drink something that will make you blackout? Full Tilt recently dumped Washington State cash players, it sure ain’t easy being a college kid in that state.


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