ChiliPoker goes all Lethal Weapon 2 on the U.S. government

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A spokesman for Mr. Glover confirms that he is indeed "Getting too old for this shit."

Did you know that before he was a professional pariah, Mel Gibson was a bona fide movie star? In one of his seminal works, Lethal Weapon 2, one of the bad guys defended drug dealers, shot a guy or two and probably jaywalked, all of which was technically legal thanks to his diplomatic immunity. Though not quite as flagrant as that South African dude who got shot by Danny Glover, is also playing the technicality game in order to bring online gambling to the U.S.

The site has concocted a diabolical…well not so much diabolical as logistical, plan to pull revenue from the U.S. using subscription fees. For a monthly fee, American players can participate in tournaments that offer cash and prizes, a business model that is entirely legal under the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006.

While the model is legal, it is not terribly popular with online gambling houses, as serious gamers tend to prefer cash games where they have a better chance of leaving with some money as opposed to tournaments where only a handful of participants will get paid.

Currently, it is unclear whether the government will pull a Murtaugh on the site and shut it down, it is more proof that even repressive laws can’t stop the online gambling industry, opines Casino Gambling Web.


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