Android has an android in the system

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androidEver since businessmen shelved the huge grey monstrosities that were the first mobile phones back in the 1980s, there’s been considerable advances. First, they offered us phones which could actually fit in your pocket, then we could play games on them. After this came the colour screens which brings us to the current marketplace where smart phones are becoming the standard. Mobile gambling is currently making inroads into this market at some rate of knots, Android and iPhone the two operating systems they’re aiming at.

It looks as though someone has found an android in Android though. The Financial Times today reports that certain smartphone models running Google’s software, including a popular HTC handset, are susceptible to attacks from hackers. A demonstration at the Black Hat security conference, in Abu Dhabi, showed how you can easily install an application to give broad control over the phone’s functions, compromising the user’s personal information.

Android has already overtaken Apple to take a 25% share of the smart phone market and all this is particularly pertinent to the mobile gambling industry. Full Tilt Poker recently launched testing into the first live poker product on the Android system, and it was hoped this would signal the introduction of a whole raft of live poker products on the system as Apple don’t allow live gambling products. Fortunately, these problems are usually resolved fairly quickly meaning Android will be rid of its own android quite soon. They hope.


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