John Wall dougie dancin to ROY

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John Wall just might be doing his Dougie dance all the way to rookie of the year honors. John Wall recorded his first career triple double and became the third youngest player to register one, edging out Magic Johnson by 10 days. Ironically, Magic attended to watch the John Wall show which overshadowed Michael Beasley’s long overdue 42 point game.

Two players at the opposite end of the spectrum. Wall is a front runner for rookie of the year, Beasley is a largely disappointing second overall draft pick, but both players were putting on a show last night. Wall stole the show with his 19 points, 13 assists 10 rebounds and 6 assists to lead the Wizards to a 98-91 win over the Houston Rockets. The exciting young rookie is faster than stink on a monkey and he might even lead the league in steals as a rookie this year. Blake Griffin the rookie for the Clippers is also turning heads and this might be one of the most competitive rookie of the year races you’ll ever see.

It all depends on what you like. If it’s power, explosiveness and skywalking, you go with Griffin. If it’s flash and dance you like, Wall has your heart. Sportsbooks are likely to split action on these two contenders for the rookie of the year, at least early on. It remains to be seen how these rookies will perform as the long grueling NBA season drags on. Being his second year in the NBA, you’d have to think Griffin might have the edge down the stretch. But if you’ve ever seen Wall dance, the kid has skills to pay the bills both on and off the court.


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