How a US online gambling conference should be done

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bodog-conference-05Online gambling is an issue that is being debated in all corners of the United States of America, the main issue being whether legislation will actually see anything go through. Poker may well make its way through the complex mesh that’s obscuring the way but it will likely only be on a state-by-state basis, sports betting and online casinos having to wait a while longer.

If the legislation goes through and it leads the way for other iGaming to be adopted, then the next logical step will be to organize a conference or exhibition. This will let everyone gather in one area to discuss and toast what the shape of the US iGaming industry actually turns out to be.

Reports seem to be suggesting that Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo (GIGSE) organizers are looking at holding their next conference in a US city.

If you’re looking for the last iGaming conference of any substance that took place on US shores then look no further than the picture above that shows the 2005 Bodog Conference in Las Vegas.

Although we don’t agree with the US needing a conference right now or that any European firms would bother attending, should they decide to go ahead, will still send over a camera crew to report on it. In addition we’d help them to promote the event so that as many people from the industry as possible would be on hand at the event.


Calvin with Shannon Elizabeth in 2005

Where to hold the event though? In our minds, it can only be in one of three cities – New Orleans, Las Vegas, Miami. Why? Well we think they’d be particularly well suited to the hard-partying online gaming crowd. The only other place could be New York in the summer, but never in a million years should they go to Los Angeles. It’s unbearably boring there – exactly the wrong atmosphere for a gaming conference.


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