Finally, a reason to visit Sri Lanka: legalized online gambling



For a country whose primary exports over the past several years have been hot lady rappers and animal-themed terrorist groups, Sri Lanka seems to be moving in a more progressive direction, at least in the realm of online gambling.

Earlier in the month, the Sri Lankan government passed a new law that would establish gambling zones within the East Asian country from which casinos and online gambling companies could base their businesses out of .

The move is seen by many as an attempt to save the country’s struggling tourism industry that has been decimated by the ongoing terror threat posed by the local Tamil Tigers. Yet officials within the government claim that legalizing gambling was a logical decision, given the sizable portion of the native population that gambled regularly despite laws opposing the practice.

While the law has seen its fair share of opposition from conservative groups in Sri Lanka (fundamentalists in Central Asia you say?), the government remains confident that the anticipated $2 billion in tourism revenue that the gambling initiative is expected to generate by 2016 will shut the critics right the fuck up.