Despite Apple’s anti-gambling stance, companies lust for iPhone bettors

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apple-iphone-bettorsBuried in the announcement of bwin’s new iPhone betting app was the reassurance that an Android version was coming soon. Given that Android appears to have all the momentum to ultimately triumph in the battle for smartphone supremacy, why this Apple fanboy favoritism?

It may have something to do with the results of a recent study by personal finance services company Pageonce, who found that iPhone owners use their credit cards significantly more than people who own Android phones. It’s not clear whether iPhone owners are more affluent or just lax about paying up on time, but the average iPhone owner’s credit card statement has a 23% higher balance than that of an Android owner.

Before you say it, it’s not merely to pay exorbitant data usage fees – the average wireless bill is 17% higher for Android users than the comparable iPhone statement, although that may be due to a higher proportion of family plans among Android users. Whatever the reason, there’s no shortage of companies betting big on Apple. So c’mon, Steve… Get off your high horse about gambling apps, already.


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