Papua New Guinea mobile gambling delayed

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papua-new-guinea-mobileYou can’t imagine that many people working in the mines will have ever heard of a mobile phone let alone own one. This may be why moves to allow mobile gambling in Papua New Guinea have been met with such fierce opposition – mining being one of the main two industries in PNG.

Only weeks ago the National Gaming Control Board of Papua New Guinea gave PNG lotto a license to operate mobile gambling services in the country. The reason that the plan has been put on hold has to do with the negative reaction from the public. Most people are worried that children under the age of 18 will have easy access to gambling due to the propensity for everyone to have mobile phones. Do they not have computers either in PNG?

“The delay is just temporary,” said PNG Lotto’s Chief Executive Paul Siwi. “The suspension will allow for further consultations with community leaders and a review to ensure that PNG Lotto is meeting all of the conditions of the license awarded by the Gaming Board.”

If you’re going to be extreme, could this mean that straight out of the womb you would be able to gamble?


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