iGB España Official Party – Pacha Nightclub

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Ahh, Pacha, the infamous Spanish nightclub which is packed full of the sub-20 crowd, 8 Euro bottles of water, several floors of dancing, and an exit which is close to impossible to find.

Tonight the official iGB Espana party took place at Pacha and sponsors are to thank for the free bar from 11-1am, just enough booze to get everyone good and primed for the long night of dancing and misbehaving that was ahead.

Highlights from the party include a male and female model roaming the floor with only body paint on their upper halves, the beautiful Ayre Heads who enjoyed mingling with the male dominated crowd, prizes and free t-shirts which were handed out to lucky delegates from stage and upon entry, and team Ladbrokes which decided to grace the dance floor with their classy moves and a little bit of Italian charm.

For some of us the night was just beginning when the club opened up to the public and the free bar came to an end.  For others, the finishing of the free bar signaled the time to go home to catch some sleep because hey, some of us are cheap, or maybe it’s because some of us are getting old…something which becomes especially apparent when you leave the club just as the line up is getting started.  Or maybe that’s just Spain.  Thank god for the siesta!

Checkoout the Party Pictures & DAF award at the Official iGB España Party @ Pacha nightclub.


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