Google shouldn’t fear Blekko

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There’s a new search engine hoping to challenge Google for a piece of that pie, it’s called Blekko and personally, I think it’s wasting it’s time. Rich Skrenta, the Blekko CEO, claims this search engine allows you to slash the internet by slashing in the sites you like and don’t like, that is if you don’t slash you’re wrists first trying to use this thing. Seriously, who needs an instructional video on how to use a freaking search engine? Fail.

The name is a little suspect in my books, but the idea behind the engine is fairly smart, the slash does allow you to narrow your search but really its for a more experienced user. It certainly would come in handy when you’re trying to narrow down your search for an online gambling operator, that is if you could figure out how to use it. You can’t make a search engine too complicated, a grandma or grandpa or small child has to be able to use it, thus I don’t see Blekko making a huge impact or even coming close to challenging Google. But don’t just listen to me, judge for yourself.

blekko: how to slash the web from blekko on Vimeo.


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