Will he play? The Farve Saga continues

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I own you Brad.

Somehow from the opening day of NFL training camp, week in, and week out, Brett Favre manages to dominate the NFL headlines. Will he stay retired? Which team will he play with? Will his body hold up? Will he be suspended? Will his iron man streak come to an end? On and on it goes, and for the most part, it’s good for the sportsbooks as far as Brett Favre props are concerned.

The latest saga with Favre is not about whether he’ll be suspended for sending pictures of his unit to Jen Sterger, but whether the two fractures in his ankle will keep him out of the lineup against the Patriots. To add a twist, reports continues to swirl about the tension growing between Favre and coach Brad Childress. The latest tension stems from comments made by Childress last week that he was tempted to yank Favre from the game, which is apparently sacriledge. Considering Favre was throwing pick 6’s left and right, Childress had every right to make those comments, but then again, it’s not like Tavares Jackson is a better option.

So now with Favre sitting out of practice this entire week and him not saying convincingly that he will play, the saga continues. Will he play or won’t he? Yet again Favre has given sportsbooks an opportunity to capitalize with props about his playing future. The other question that needs to be asked is if Favre does play and he’s ineffective, does Childress have the stones to yank him? Keep in mind that with the Vikings losing record, it’s Childress whose job is on the line.  And at what point can it be said that Favre and his never ending drama has been nothing but a distraction that destroyed the team and ruined the  season?


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