New Zealander to attend the best party of the weekend

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playboy-halloween-partyWhen it gets to this time of the year the weather may well be on the turn and the days seem to get a lot darker. This doesn’t have any effect on the world population’s undying need to party and get drunk at any given excuse. In this case: it warms you up being around loads of people!

Halloween then is a welcome relief to all those people who are thirsty for a good old knees up, and the iGaming industry is no stranger to a party or 10. There’s one man that may well out-do anything the iGaming industry has to offer when it comes to throwing a party and that’s Hugh Hefner. Anyone who’s ever been an invitee at the Playboy Mansion is automatically a god amongst men and no one even questions this induction. So when you get a big win on the online casino, what do you do with the money? You buy a ticket of course!

This is what a New Zealand man called Tony E has done. Tickets for the party go for as much as $10,000, but as he only won $2,500 on, he will have to settle for one of the cheaper seats.

“I never really thought I’d make it over to see the Mansion, but something about winning in October made me feel like the money should be used to celebrate,” Tony said.

That’s the spirit mate. You can be assured there will be plenty of gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ on at this party.


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