Victor trying to create online sport betting paradise

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victor chandler

Where\’s my email, Victor?

To gamblers being able to watch an exciting game while simultaneously being able to bet on it live from play to play, is like being able to eat and drink and play video games while having sex, it’s paradise. That’s exactly the environment VC is trying to create for its customers.

VC inked a deal with Sportsman Media Group, the sports rights and sports marketing agency which will allow its upgraded live application from Zukido to integrate the plethora of events streamed live from the Sportman’s portfolio. A wide array of sports will be available including basketball, football, volley-ball, tennis, and handball? Wasn’t sure that was a sport, it’s not in North America outside of gym class.

Paul Louis, operations director at Victor Chandler said, “Having successfully streamed live horse racing over a number of years, expanding to include a wider range of sports to support our live service was the logical step for”.

Peter Clayden-Spence, director at the sportsman commented, “We are very happy to add Victor Chandler to our client base. The cooperation with Zukido was very impressive, enabling a quick implementation of our live streams into Victor chandler’s Live Betting environment.”


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