Bidibot announces launch of rakeback

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bidibot-rakebackIn the past few years auction sites have transformed the way in which we buy…well just about anything we want. Think of them like a car boot sale that actually has items of use. The grand daddy of all these is of course eBay but in the world of iGaming and gambling it doesn’t cut it. We needed a site that gives us cheap seats at exclusive tournaments and a lot more besides.

This is where Bidibot comes in. Created by a group of professional poker players it aims to make the sport and games they play more accessible to the masses. Done through penny auctions, many companies have signed up to be a part of the site but the latest news will please the customers ever further.

Even losing bidders will now be blessed with wide smiles as a new Rakeback feature has been introduced. From now on if you bid on auctions for companies such as 888Poker and Betfair Sport and come second, you will be refunded a percentage of the bid you placed.

Bidibot CEO John Tabatabai said, “We are always trying to give players extra value and rakeback seemed like a logical next step. There can only be one winner for each auction but bidders still stand to benefit even if they’re unsuccessful. It’s a win win situation.”

So if you’re not that good at winning on eBay, a bit hard up for cash, and you like poker…well, Bidibot may just be the ideal place for you.


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