Microgaming latest addition to Kentucky litigation list

TAGs: Full Tilt, Kentucky, PartyGaming

Kentucky-Microgaming-LawsuitPoker News Daily has reported that Microgaming is the latest gaming company to be targeted by the state of Kentucky. Microgaming joins Full Tilt and PartyGaming on the state’s hit list, which was initially filed back in April.

The lawsuit claims that Microgaming had a ‘purposeful, specific intention to do business over the internet’ with Kentucky residents in the period between Sept. 29, 2005 and Oct. 23, 2008. The state has not given a specific amount of damages it is seeking, preferring to let that be ‘determined at trial,’ plus interest, lawyer fees and anything else the Court decides is ‘just and proper.’

Given that Microgaming is a global company that ‘facilitates, hosts, operates and profits from more than 120 online casino sites and 40 online poker sites’, the lawsuit makes the rather astonishing claim that Microgaming “received 25% of the gross revenue from its online gambling business in Kentucky.” We think we know what Kentucky’s lawyers were trying to say, but as written, the first thing we thought was ‘Fucking hell, do Kentucky’s 4.5m residents gamble that much?’ Just what the hell does Col. Sanders’ put into that secret recipe, anyway?


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