Tony Romo dropping the ball in Dallas

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As a quarterback in the NFL you are the face of the franchise, you are the leader in the locker-room and the general on the field, at least you’re supposed to be. The consensus right now is that Tony Romo isn’t that guy for the Dallas Cowboys.

Forget the fact that coach Wade Phillips is nothing more than a yes-man for Jerry Jones, forget the fact the Cowboys rank at the bottom of the pack in special teams coverage. Forget the fact that Cowboys have one of the highest payrolls in the NFL and forget the fact that excessive celebrations in the endzone may have cost this team at least two wins. But don’t forget the fact this “talented” team is 1-4 and Tony Romo despite all of his “offensive weapons” has thrown 7 picks in his last 4 games. There are excuses for everything from the Dallas camp, yet not one player has stepped up and taken ownership.

If you’re a Cowboys fan, it’s enough to make you sick. If you’re an ex-player, you’re not happy either. Former star Cowboys Tony Dorsett and Charles Haley are calling out Tony Romo, in an article from USA Today, Dorsett implied that Romo needs to step up. Haley was a little more explicit in what he told ESPN, Haley said “Too many stars on this damn team…They think they were born stars. They think someone else is supposed to do the dirty work. Look at this team’s roster. You can see the payroll of this team, and it’s unbelievable.”

Without question, Romo needs to step up and be a leader, but at what point can we start to say that this team is overrated? At what point does it become consensus that the Cowboys are who we thought they are, which at this point, is a 1-4 team with no leadership, a yes-man for a coach, an owner who thinks he is the coach and team full of talented and overpaid choke artists.

Being America’s team, nothing excites more people than when the Cowboys are struggling. Tonight they take on their rivals the New York Giants, but what does the future hold for this team? Team props, player props and future props for the Cowboys have to be hot items with NFL bettors. Live betting continues to be on the rise and sites like Bodog with their live offering for Monday Night games give gamblers the unique experience of being the armchair QB who gets to drink pints of beer while second-guessing everything.

So how many wins will the Cowboys end up with this season? Will the Cowboys turn it around? What offerings do you have on America’s team?


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