Tabcorp calls out the government on fees

TabcorpIf Kangaroos, funny adverts about beer brewed in the UK, and hats with corks round edge is all you associate Australia with then read on. You’re about to get an education. No, we’re not going to go through the intricacies of the ancient aborigines or the fact that they’re all a bit upside down due to being down underneath us. After clambering aboard the good ship mobile gambling, they’re now tackling the government.

Tabcorp have called on federal officials to establish a national regime to govern funding and taxation of the racing industry. Currently, provinces have different systems in place, which means that Tabcorp is spending varying amounts in the places it operates.

Elmer Funke Kupper, chief executive of Tabcorp, commented: “We have a situation in Australia where a bookmaker can offer exactly the same product as the tote. Yet these same bookmakers pay only one-tenth of the product fee to the industry and minimal taxes.

”I have yet to find anyone who can explain how this can work out well for the industry over a long period of time. Our analysis and overseas experience indicates that it won’t.”

He also later explained that although Tabcorp would still be ok and dancing to the sounds of the Funke Kupper, the industry as a whole might suffer.

If all else fails they just start racing kangaroos, complete with jockey in pouch. Now that I’d pay to see!