Washington State cool with drinkin, no gamblin and kids blackin out

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Back in the good old days, college kids drank, gambled and carried on and shagged all night and the only energy drink they used to keep them going was called Bud Light. These days the young bucks are drinking what is known as Four, which comes in a few flavors including Four Loko. The caffeinated alcoholic energy drink also contains Absinthe, which for many of us is a name our stomachs never want to hear on a Sunday morning.

For Phusion, this drink is a stroke of genius, now college kids can drink way past their lightweight limits, and never even know it, great! State attorney’s won’t bother to check if this is harmful, why would they? They have bigger and more threatening problems on their hands like squashing online gambling, which to date has never actually caused anyone to blackout or die. Now Phusion can sell more product to college students who have no idea how to drink and are mostly under-age drinkers and rake in a huge profit. Sweet deal. What could possibly go wrong?

With nicknames among college students like “black out in a can”, “liquid cocaine”, and “the baby maker”,  you can bet… well not in the state of Washington… But you can take a guess that this stuff can knock you on your ass and knock you flat out if you drink enough of it. And of course, that’s exactly what Central Washington students at a house party may have done when a medical emergency broke out with several students collapsing in the middle of the party. Nine students from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington were hospitalized after a house party which took place in Roslyn, Washington. Initially, investigators believed the cause to be GHB or another date-rape drug, but Central Washington University officials announced at a Monday press conference that Four Loko was the culprit. The nine students hospitalized had blood alcohol concentrations between .12 and .35. Keep in mind, a blood alcohol level higher than .3 could kill ya, so yes, we gambling industry professionals risk death every weekend, but we’re pro’s.

It’s funny, even though it’s common knowledge that caffeine can mask the effects of alcohol it was cool in Washington State to have Phusion and their ‘black out in a can’, date rape cocktail sold to college kids. Bravo Washington State, way to protect the future generations. Here’s a suggestion, perhaps, instead of banning online gambling they should just ban alcohol? Forgive me, I’m trying to think along their lines of pure ridiculousness. Considering the fact that online gambling has been skyrocketing among college kids, maybe if online gambling wasn’t banned they’d have something more entertaining to do and they wouldn’t have to drink themselves into a stupor… You can’t play online poker when you’re passed out, naked in an alley with a dollar pill pasted to your t-shirt.


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