There’s nothing quite like loads of goals

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PSVGoing to the Netherlands for a weekend there’s plenty to do. Go out into the countryside and you can cycle to your heart’s content. It borders Germany so you could pop over there for a day. If you’re lucky, there’s even a chance you could find yourself bored to death in Belgium. Did I say lucky? My Bad. Most 18-100 year olds will tell you the fun happens in Amsterdam though. This fun usually relates to coffee shops and scarlet coloured lights. If you ended up in the Southern town of Eindhoven, you may have thought you were still in one of the famous coffee shops.

After the quirky sport of korfball, football is thought to be the national sport in Holland. Their league is ranked as one of the top ten and the national team even made the World Cup final in the summer. The three behemoths of Dutch football for a long while have been Ajax, PSV, and to an ever-so-slightly lesser extent Feyenoord. Although this doesn’t explain the freak turn of events yesterday afternoon.

PSV finished 10(TEN)-0 winners over rivals Feyenoord. In the lead up to the game away coach Mario Been was hoping for a contract extension. I’d be surprised if his P45 wasn’t sitting on the desk this morning after that result. Think of it akin to Chelsea beating Liverpool by the same scoreline or even the Oakland Raiders putting up 50+ points on anyone. Oh, that happened as well. What a bloody weekend!


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