Favre gets vote of no confidence

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Brett Favre’s final game in Lambeau field was tragic. His arrival was met by a chorus of boos from the cheeseheads, as was his exit, both were deserving given Favre’s performance. It was typical bad Brett, scrambling to make something out of nothing and carelessly slinging the ball into the opponents arms for three second half interceptions, one of which went for a pick 6 en route to 28-24 loss. It’s the same old story with Favre this season, but for coach Childress, the gunslinger is playing Russian Roulette with the Viking’s season.

Favre looked like a shell of the iron man, unflappable Brett we’ve seen in the past. He limped around the field, alluding to the fact his ankle had been re-injured, and in the press conference he didn’t seem sure that he’d be able to play next week. For the Vikings, Brett better play. Without question, it is Brett who has got them into this mess and it will have to be Brett to get them out. But he’s losing the faith of the team and certainly of Brad Childress who admitted that he debated yanking Brett from the game.

But the loss in Green Bay did more than just remove Aaron Rodgers from Favre’s shadow. Even though Rodgers wasn’t great and Brett pretty much beat himself like he always does, the loss brings closure to Green Bay fans, who can finally be at ease in seeing exactly why the team cut Brett loose. I hate to say it, but Favre shouldn’t have come back this year. Last year was unbelievable, this year has done nothing but tarnish his legacy. I’m not just talking about on the field, I’m talking about the whole sexual harassment investigation. Surely things aren’t right as rain in the Favre household with some hussy running around showing cock shots of Favre, surely Mrs. Favre isn’t pleased. And now that Brett’s losing, we all know how this usually plays out, they kick you when you’re down. Wouldn’t it be sad if this is how Favre’s legendary career comes to a close? You hate for the story to end as Favre being just another guy who played too long and made sexual advances on some young hottie. Doesn’t seem right. Just for the record, is sending pictures of your penis to young pretty woman cheating on your wife? I’m just asking, because technically…It’s not really. No?

I want to say that I still believe in Favre, I want to say that the Vikings will figure it out, I want to say that their offense will start to click and Favre will find his swagger, but I can’t. And I don’t care how tough Favre is, at 41 in the NFL, there’s not enough cortisone in the world to make him feel okay. Right now, Favre is a distraction. He’s costing the team games, he’s always talking about being hurt and he doesn’t exude the confidence of the leader he once was. Tavares Jackson had better stay ready, it looks like his time could come sooner than later, and if that’s the case, the Vikings are done.


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