Full Tilt boots bots to the rail

TAGs: bots, full tilt poker, Shanky Technologies

Full-Tilt-Boots-BotsAn undisclosed number of Full Tilt Poker players recently received emails informing them that the company has uncovered ‘bot’ use stemming from certain accounts. As bot use is strictly verboten at Full Tilt, these accounts have since been shut down and their funds confiscated. Full Tilt is promising that players who suffered losses at the hands of these bots will be reimbursed.

While the bot users may not yet have been identified, bot seller Shanky Technologies has since apologized to its customers, claiming that Full Tilt “quite suddenly and without warning froze all the accounts … although it tolerated the presence of bots all this time.”

Bots are the bed bugs of the online poker world, at least, according to those who would have the game remain a strictly human battle of wits, guts and stamina. PokerStars found itself in a whole ‘bot’ of trouble back in July, and Full Tilt found itself facing a lawsuit last year after booting some other alleged bot buddies. Given that we’ve seen universities encouraging students to develop bots, we can only expect more of this type of report in the future.


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