The disgruntled online gambling employee strikes again

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The problem with disgruntled online gambling employees is usually not that they are poor in character, but that they are both poor in character and typically quite poor in performance, no wonder they’re disgruntled right? Disgruntled employees can be full of vengeance and may stoop to new levels of shame just to get back at their former employers. Gaming operators have seen this before, it’s not uncommon in our industry or other industries, and it seems the “disgruntled online gambling employee” has struck again, this time in Serbia.

In Belgrade Serbia, local police following a tip, raided and busted up what they believed to be an illegal gambling ring and is charging those involved, namely, Go Wild Casino and Casino Titan with organizing an illegal enterprise without a permit from Serbian National Lottery and the Games of Chance Administration at the Ministry of Finance.

While it remains to be seen on how legitimate the charges against these entities are, in’s correspondence with GoWild Casino, the company is standing by their initial press release. It’s a press release that specifically states that they believe the cause of the raid was spurred on by a, “Vengeful ex-employee that was recently dismissed (due to poor performance)…who decided to try to harm and damage the company by using false accusation to the law enforcements.”

The company has reassured its clients “that all withdrawals, deposits and game-play remains flawless and will not be affected at any time. All affiliates tracking data will be restored for our partners and our affiliate program services will be back online shortly.”

But indeed, the situation is still tenuous. Now it remains to be seen how this saga will play out in the Serbian justice system, but if in fact a disgruntled vengeful employee is behind this mess, haven’t we seen this before?

It should almost go without saying that online gaming operators and call centers should be vigilant in ensuring that employees dismissed for poor performance don’t have access to sensitive material.

Get them out of the industry, we don’t like their kind!


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