Censorship tightening up in South East Asia

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thailandBeing the part of the world in which China is situated means internet censorship is very high. As the most influential country in the area, it’s hardly surprising that other countries are following China’s lead – ultimately bad news for the iGaming industry.

In the coming months Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines will roll out plans to censor certain web content. All will block certain international content that is critical against respective regimes. Alongside this they will also silence anyone within their own countries that has dissenting views.

The Philippines will be investing in a number of land-based installations so may well see their rules relaxed. Currently there are no plans in place though.

The fact that governments are moving to tighten the controls will be a blow to iGaming – it’s not all bad news though. South East Asia is luckily only a small part of Asia. Growth is currently being experienced in other more developed parts of the region meaning it’s unlikely that this will have a huge effect.

For the time being if you go to Thailand you will have to comfort yourself with full-moon parties and plenty of cheap booze. If you’re wandering the streets you may see the legions of ladies of the night walking around. You can do this, gambling’s a no-no though.


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