Online Casinos, some like it live

Online casinos continue to grow in popularity across the globe and operators are constantly updating their offerings to keep their clients entertained. Much in the same 3D movies are gaining in popularity along with excessive amounts of “reality TV” is online gambling destined to head down the same path?

Already, sites like Bodog offer live sports wagering options, and online casinos like Paddy Power also offer live dealer online casinos. For the people who love the feel of a land based casino, live online dealers in the comfort of your own home must be bliss. There are those paranoid folk who also just don’t trust the Random Number Generator used in online casinos, and for those people, live dealers put their minds at ease. Not sure why, the RNG system is regularly tested and independently regulated but I guess you can’t change some people’s superstitions. But just how popular can live online casino dealers become? It’s an offering that has been around for some time now, and it has its drawbacks. For the players that enjoy playing online casinos from the comfort of their own home because it affords them the luxury of playing at their own pace, live dealers cancel out that benefit.

Already operators like 888, party Casino, Ladbrokes, Playtech Casinos and as previously mentioned Paddy Power have made the live dealer option available, but not every operator is on board just yet. The bottom line is that these live online casinos don’t appeal to everyone. It’s those people looking for an exact alternative to the traditional brick and mortar casino that are most drawn to the live dealers. And of course, it’s less distracting as a real casino, without all the chiming of voices and machines. Essentially, the player gets the thrill of a live game in the controlled environment of their own home.

I can see how it’s a popular offering, especially if the dealer is cute and has a perky set of Double D’s… Personally, I prefer the real thing, seeing a live dealer online will just make me wonder why I’m not getting served free drinks by sexy cocktail waitresses. I couldn’t take the torture, I’d rather just play the regular online casino, but this is exactly the point. Technology has afforded online casinos the ability to cater to whatever tastes users may have, it’s yet another way the industry continuously reinvents itself to provide valuable entertainment for a variety of audiences with varying preferences.

Technology advances have made live online casinos possible, so it begs the question, what’s the next step? 3D online casinos? Already here. 3D cocktail waitresses? Virtual drinks and casino high roller gold-digging groupies?
Dare we?