Is Favre’s Iron Man streak about to end?

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favreIt’s probably the first time since his many retirement comebacks that Brett Favre is actually thinking that maybe he should have stayed on the ranch in Mississippi. Favre’s team has suffered major injuries and the offense has looked in disarray for much of this early season. Add to the mix that a money grabbing Playboy model has him caught in an investigation for improper sexual conduct and his throwing elbow is riddled with tendinitis and he’s got to be thinking…

“I’m too old for this shit”.

There’s not many 40 plus men living in Brett Favre’s world right now that’s for certain. The man who owns so many impressive NFL records may have his most impressive record on the line this season. Brett Favre currently has an iron man streak of 289 consecutive starts, 313 if you count the post-season, and that all might come to an end this season. Favre has already made it clear that if his elbow continues to act up, he’ll sit out, that he won’t just play for the sake of playing…Not sure anyone believes that…I know I don’t. Sunday’s game is damn near a must win for the Vikings, the only problem is, it’s damn near a must win for the Cowboys too.

Once again all eyes are on Brett Favre in the NFL, surely he wouldn’t have it any other way…And while his elbow is a huge concern, it seems more likely that a suspension from Roger Goodell for inappropriate conduct could be the blow that stops the iron man streak. Let’s hope the NFL gets this one right and doesn’t let that happen, as far as I see it, you only get cock shots when you’re asking for cock shots.

Sportsbooks are filling up the Favre saga, BetUS has placed a number of odds on possibilities of how the whole Favre and Jen Sterger situation will play out, including Odds the NFL suspends Favre, Odds Favre is being set up and Odds that Jenn Sterger’s accusations are true among many others. Bodog has Favre odds on Will he publicly admit to sending text messages to any massage therapists by Dec 31st 2010? and Will he publicly admit to sending pictures to the New York game hostess by Dec 31st 2010? among others..

What does your sportsbook have on Brett Favre?


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