Racing Post hitting up Europe

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racing postWhen it comes to horse racing, the Racing Post is as much an institution as Pele is to football, Michael Jordan is to basketball, and Tiger Woods is to, well, women. Now Belgium never really sounds like the kind of place anyone really gives a shit about – it’s the place you drive through to get to the drunken debauchery Amsterdam brings and anywhere else in Northern or Central Europe, and their female tennis players may well be among the best at playing the sport, but, without wanting to anger any feminists, does anyone really care about the way they play the sport? Oh, you were distracted by a picture of Anna Kournikova, that just popped up in your inbox. We’ll forgive you.

Then it may come as a surprise that the Post are planning to distribute their publication in the low country, sending across a PDF from London’s Canary Wharf at 2am, to be printed using a digital press and sent to Ladbrokes shops across the Flemish nation. It will be printed in French, and it’s hoped the trial will be successful enough so that a roll out will begin across the entire continent, hoping to finally end up in the East with the hot tennis stars.


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