Dexter downs NS online gambling bid

Despite the recent true but slightly misguided sentiments from Finance Minister Graham Steele suggesting that Nova Scotia needed its own online gambling site to protect addicts from unregulated, offshore sites, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen for the Atlantic Canadian province.

Nova Scotia premier Darrell Dexter has made it clear that there will be no online gambling in Nova Scotia. According to what Dexter told Halifax reporters, online gambling isn’t consistent their goal to try and reduce the harm that is done by gaming.

So basically Dexter is throwing provinces like BC and Quebec under the bus. Apparently, those provinces must not give a damn about their societies and are willing to inflict the fury of hell that is online gambling with reckless abandon…Or maybe there’s a level of understanding that online gambling itself isn’t the problem and that problem gamblers exist regardless and  instead of denying the majority of a great online entertainment resource, perhaps a better angle is to institute programs and measures to mitigate the small minority at risk…But hey, I’m not a premier, I just play one online.