Twitter turns to Ads

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Well you could see it coming from a mile away, Twitter has done all the heavy lifting and now it’s time to flex. Twitter has built a very sizable audience and now it’s time to turn start making the real money by turning to advertisments.

Almost immediately in the advertising business Twitter is a must buy, plain and simple, it’s joined the ranks of Google, and Facebook on that must buy list, and it remains to be seen just how prepared Twitter is to make this jump, considering just three months ago they had just one employee in charge of advertising.

There’s a lot that come with the territory of being a must buy, like Facebook and Google. Who will Twitter accept ads from and who and from where will they turn away? This issue is of particular importance to online gambling industry. Other must buys like Facebook currently accept gambling ads from UK, Ireland, Italy, France and Spain and Google as recently as June allowed Ladbrokes and other UK gambling brands to run ads, some of which appeared on Youtube.

If Twitter is really interested in the bottom line, there’s no question that the gambling industry has to be on the list. If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense…with reports from Facebook that in some areas a minimum monthly budget of $10K/month for gambling accounts is required, that a lot of cheese when you do do the math. For gambling companies it’s a no brainer too, a complete must buy, when you look at the Twitter audience, the math makes sense too.


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