Wannabe Russian spy Anna Chapman now pimping iPhone poker app

Poker? I barely touched her! Anna Chapman may have been the most inept Russian spy ever, but even if her brain was nothing to write about (or imprint onto microfilm), she was at least fun to look at, which is why we’re reprinting this photo, because let’s face it, it’s the only reason any of you reprobates clicked on this link in the first place.

Anyway, Anna is pimping her 15 minutes of infamy like a regular American bourgeois capitalist lackey, and her latest move is to license her image to a company called Zeda and their new ‘Poker with Anna Chapman’ app for the iPhone. Whatever the merits of the game’s actual Texas Hold’em and Five Card Draw play, its accompanying press release makes sure to stress that there the app includes lots of photos of Anna. Sadly, whether or not these photos will show her ‘pocket aces’ isn’t stated in the release.